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Hello! As you saw on our Meet Us page, 
we are a husband and wife duo. 

We want to take this blog to another level 
by talking about each topic on this page we provide. 
First up? 
A Little of how we ended up here.

 After Becca moved up a year plus ago,
 we decided it was time to combine 
our efforts in all and Photography and Cinematography and IT aspect. 

By doing that we created this website in hopes people can see where we come from, what we do, and generally about us!
Since you now know......
It's been 528 days since Becca and Ben had started dating 
that ultimately led to marriage , 
the back story is interesting so we will give a quick behind the scenes feature 
before moving forward. 
First let’s start with Ben's point of view.

"Pin Point" By Ben.

My story begins once I met Becca. 
It was due to my old childhood friend and his family. 
They had moved down to Texas where our paths, Becca and mine, would eventually cross– because without them moving, I wouldn't have gone down to Texas. 
Being completely honest, 
after George Bush shut down the shuttle program, 
I had no intention of ever going to Texas. 
So it was pure luck or whatever force anyone would like to believe in, that brought us together. 

First time I saw her,
I had an interest pop up that grew each time we met and formed into a crush. 
Now, if I had known that she had the same interest, 
or if she had known I was interested in her I wouldn't have let two years go by before reaching out more than a Hi or hug here and there. 
After we had fallen out of touch with each other I asked her what had happened, 
this was before my birthday in 2015. 
We both had agreed later on that we were indeed told we were seeing other people, 
which in fact made us friendzone each other, ultimately silencing the communication.

Right when I started talking to her again, 
even through text messages I knew the crush was still there as she hadn’t changed at all. 
So knowing I had already wasted two years so I took action.
From the previous conversation, we shared an interest in a TV show (The Player) that aired once a week before NBC, canned the show. 
I decided that would be a great time to talk to her 
as she was in Texas and was an hour ahead she could talk to me while I watched it, 
air live in my timezone. 
When that show ended we started talking more 
and it continued to make headway, 
to the point where I was falling for her past the point of just a crush 
and wanted her in my life.

But currently, she was over a thousand miles away 
making for a great way to slide into the DM’s and Video calls. 
We started our never-ending love for cooking 
when she started to talk up guacamole, 
on a side note, 
living in Colorado we don’t make guac very often because the avocados are pretty pricey.
So I asked if we could facetime and make her favorite snack miles away. 
We picked a day and I got the ingredients to this magical love dip called guac!

That day I realized I was white and in Colorado,
 mainly because I had to take Becca on a video call adventure to the market 
as I had picked up rock hard avocado's! 
In the long run, it helped me break through 
a barrier that had been up (the dating other people one, 
as we talked about it after the market run).

Deciding that we needed to become more than just friends 
we started playing 20 questions 
to learn everything about one another and picking apart each other's insecurities and fears.
It was around 5 months and this point and I wanted to get a little deeper than the surface so I asked her on  February 1st of 2016, 
“So why aren't you dating anyone?”

I said hoping if she ever thought of me in the same capacity I did all this time. She replied back to me in a sassy giggly tone that is Becca inner soul “because there is no one worth my time’. With a slightly questionable quip, I asked: “Sooo I'm not worth your time” she stumbled and we worked through our thoughts of why we both weren’t seeing anyone.

She hated the cliché of getting together in the month labeled for Valentine’s Day, so I promptly tried to get reassurance that soon we would be more than glorified pen pals in a forever locked friend zone. Amongst more sassy banter, I was given a month of questions challenge, and I hoped come March 1st this stubborn sassy lady, would at least take the dip into this guac of a relationship.  

March 1st we started dating.

We grew in love from there it didn’t take long and we realized that with the distance and the communication skills we had to develop to get our feelings out in the open made for a great foundation, that was our relationship.

Not too long after Becca had moved up I was working with her whenever she had photography clients.  I had always loved photos but never pursued actually taking them until her– wanted to, just funds and time didn’t allow.

I slid my way into her sessions, by offering to carry her gear and chat with clients while she scouted or changed lenses.  I started taking photos of behind the scenes, then asked if I could use the backup camera and get photos along with her, and professional behind the scenes captures. Working together, taking photos, helped with a shared interest, by 6 months of living together– I popped the question.

It was a simple, in-home, surprise, all following Becca's rules for an engagement, where I go pro-ed it and then Facebooked live recorded so all of her friends and family could be there in spirit.

Six months later, we decided to get eloped and to host a big wedding later. “If money is the only reason why we are waiting, we should get married and worry about money then.” Not long after that, I knew we needed to work together on something new and different...to get people interested in the extraordinary and incomparable. And here we are.

"Reflection" By Ben.

Now time for Becca's point of view.

"Painting with Fireworks" By Becca.

I met Ben in 2013, through mutual friends. I remember late night movies with the group, and the fact Ben was hysterical with his jokes and honesty, also he made a mean cup of coffee! As a coffee fiend, good cup of coffee partnered with good humor in the morning, well naturally I was interested. After asking around, I was informed that he had eyes for another- so friend zoned, him I did! 
He would come to town every summer to see friends, and every year, he would be like a breath of fresh air.  He was always respectable, and polite- and hardly ever any small talk. Well one year, I became busy with Life and a different group of friends, and missed his visit! 
Which led to him reaching out, wondering where I had disappeared to! Naturally I assumed he wanted more than just friendship, and I was no one's second choice. After being unapologetically brutal to him, and setting boundaries, he laughed and said "I just wanted to be friends but thanks for letting me know where we stand." We started weekly talking, over a show called "The Player", that NBC sadly discontinued. We each went on trips and then began recapping to one another our adventure filled memories. This led to me planning on coming up in summer 2016, to hike a mountain! Because sure let's move the mermaid at sea level to mountain highs and not think about how it would end. Ben, thankfully had a few safe hikes picked out, but as we soon discovered, not all trails labeled "easy" are actually "easy". That though is for another blog.
With the trip being planned, we started also cooking together via FaceTime with whatever we had on hand, well first I showed him a good Texas Guac recipe. Because no girl in their right mind would think a guy asking for a recipe was sliding into their dm's. Or flirting. Definitely not a waitress by evening and photographer by day, who was used to being cat called and sleazy flirted with daily young woman, would think, a "hey I saw you made guac, never made it, wanna show me how?" was a pick up line. 
It was indeed a pickup line, an original pick up line. But a pick up line, that led to a bait, hook and sinker. 
I remember I began catching some more feelings for him in January 2016, but I was still worried about being a second choice, and or back up- what happened to the person he had eyes for? 
Come February 1st 2016, he asked why I wasn't seeing anyone- first reaction? Here we go again, typical guy wanting to be more than just friends and how dare he make me a back up choice.
 I saucily quipped, "because no one is worth my time." The line that shut down guys and showed how sleazy they were. Instead I was met with equal sass of, "Oh so I am not worth your time?" 
It made me actually think, and naturally question about the other woman, where I was informed- that I was misinformed. He didn't see past friendship with her, since middle school. A month later, we were officially together, and I was on my way to visit for a weekend. 
Which became a week the following month and he got a dog for my belle and himself, and I; then he visited for a busy week the month after that- all leading us to move in together, a month after that. Engaged six months after that. Then married six months after that! 
Naturally as the gentleman that he was, he wanted to accompany me to all the shoots, and he ended up picking up a knack for photos! He started off with just taking behind the scene moments on his phone, then that led to him picking up the back up camera. Year later, we decided to join forces and see what we could do. And here we are, the beginning.
Obviously there are more details, like our dogs and our adventures, that first hike, and our marriage, but here is how we got to this point, in a nutshell!

"Stop and Stare" by Becca.

Now, we are B+B. Welcome to our story; welcome to our lives; welcome to us.
We'll be updating the story in more blog posts to come and adding links here.
Hope this gave you a good background of who we are, how B+B got started, and something to look forward to as the years come.

Fill out the form below to give your thoughts on what you enjoyed about hearing the origin, or give your own origin story and let us get to know you! 
Hear from ya soon!
Thank you!

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