B+B: So you traveled for this session, is there a reason behind it? Location mean anything?
A: He, being a city boy his whole life, had never gotten to see the mountains before and even though I have only been a handful of times I always feel like Colorado calls to me, it is a place of beauty and I wanted to share one of my favorite places to adventure with him.
M: Colorado, to see the mountains and have an adventure together.
B+B: Ah, call of the mountains, it is a siren of the Earth!  They always make us feel like we are miles from the city, and reset everything! 
B+B: So we're nosy,...
what is the start to your Lover's Tale? 
How did you meet?
What was the first date? 
Favorite moment from it? 
Did you kiss?
Give us allllll the tea!!!!!
A: We met at our place of work, House of Blues. He was working security and I worked with production. One day I was going to the backstage door and he asked for my ID and I flashed my employee card at him. It was an inside joke from then on, every time we would see each other he would ask to see my ID.
M: I was security she was personnel and I kept asking to see her credentials in order to make conversation.
B+B: Ouh, a real workplace romance.... now what about that date and... kiss? 
Sorry we just like all the TEA-tails of a Lover's Tale!
A: I went to his house and we watched scary movies while drinking beer. I’m not always one to kiss and tell but yes we did kiss. He did the classic putting his arm over my shoulder thing and from there it was kismet.
M: Beer and movies, and a gentleman never tells. (We did) 🤫
B+B: We love when the first date is simple and kind... and sealed with a kiss.
B+B: When did you know you were in love? 
When did you want to say "I love you"?
A: We knew early on that there was chemistry. Within two weeks we were saying I love you. We were attached to the hip (and still are) but we wouldn’t spend time apart if possible.
M: After waking up next to her one morning I couldn't resist the urge to say it.
B+B: Hey when you know, you know. It's not just chemistry, it is a million tiny green flags that combine into one large 
B+B: So we all know every couple has their fair chapters of their Lover's Tales wrote through trials and tribulations, any advice you would give?
A: Relationships are roller coasters with all the good there will be bad. 
The important thing is being able to communicate to each other.

M: Talk with each other and realize that you both just want what is best for the both of you. 
Neither one of you wants to hurts the other and that is what most people in a relationship think when they are fighting.
B+B: Sound advice to weather the storms of life! 
The biggest obstacle in a relationship is how you communicate through the struggles of life. Life is tough enough, be understanding of one another, and be understanding of your words and actions, how they can bring both fruitfulness or consequences.
Don't let pride and ego, ruin a good thing.
B+B: Now onto one of our favorite questions, things you enjoy about one another??
A: He is strong not only physically but mentally. There are times when I struggle with opening something and times when I need someone to lean on and he is always there for me. 
He is intelligent. If he wants to learn more about something he will spend time researching about the subject and will tell me all about it too. 
He has a good sense of humor. I often find him chuckling to himself because he remembers certain things and he has the best stories to share. He also has a quick wit so be prepared for a funny comeback.
 He is a cuddle bug. I always like being close to those I love and he is just as much of a cuddle bug as I am. 
He is handsome to boot. That is just an added bonus! There are more qualities I love about him but these are the ones that stick out to me.

M: Brains, humor, creativity, adventurous, and beauty.
B+B: What are your 3 top "relationship rules" so to speak?
A:  I think it’s better to be honest with each other to overcome any obstacles together rather than suffer by yourself. 
Communicate. Be willing to talk things out.  
But I think it is important to understanding each other. 
Be supportive of each other. It is kind of an unspoken rule. 
We try to help each other grow because even as a couple with the same dream we have different goals we each want to accomplish.
M: Be honest, communicate, and don't stay angry or upset about something that's bothering you.
B+B: Only thing we have to add here is to be willing to give space for healing after any miscommunication, or lack of forethought might have caused.
B+B: Final Thoughts to leave our Beehive with?
A+M: Build each other up, come at each other with an open heart and be willing to grow together.
"My love,
It is a long time
from here
to the stars
so let us travel
the rest
as one."
Atticus Poetry

Thank you to Aerron + Manuel,
your travel adventure, 
in your chapter of your Lover's Tale 
has felt like love is stardust, and we are all made of it.

Thank you so much for answering your interview questions, 
so we could get your Lover's Tale Adventure Couple Session up on the Beehive Blog.

Aloha Lovers, 
where is your adventure chapter taking us next?

We can not wait to see where your love adventure takes us all!

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