Western Slope Tech Services

Hey, I'm Ben, I started IT 7 years ago because I appreciate being able to help people with their everyday tech issues.

 I have the advantage of knowing a wide range of technology.  I would greatly enjoy helping you with you devices.

Just as I am compassionate about saving your memories in time with a camera I am also compassionate of fixing you interact with everyday.

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How can I assist you with your Tech?

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After you submit the form above I will take the time to complete a free pre-diagnosis and reach out to you with what I think your device needs and how I can assist you.

The Tech Process:

Pricing is $90/hr if I have your device for more than an hour but I only work on it for 30 minutes I will pro-rate it for the correct price.

All parts that are needed will be purchased by the customer if needed.

If travel is necessary cost will be adjusted to match the situation. 

If you have a device that you need to have work done on but you are unsure if I support it, just let me know in the form what it is and I can let you know how I can assist.


Follow the art made of Love.