Christina, aka "Tina".
When old friends, come around and you can see how much they have grown into what you always knew they would, and then ask to be in front of your lens- it is always such an honor. Tina is a bold, passionate, strong, independent young woman. Let's dive a bit deeper into her mind.
B+B: What is your passion?
C: Make up.
B+B: How did you discover your passion?
C: I remember sneaking trying to wear make up while I was in 5th grade, eyeliner and just a bit of eyeshadow. IT was honestly something that came so naturally to me.
B+B: Why do you feel drawn to your passion?
C: I feel drawn to makeup because it is my escape when I’m upset or happy. I can easily sit down and play with makeup or watch a makeup video and learn something new and it’s like the most amazing feeling. 
B+B: What is your goal with your passion?
C: My goal is to not only continue to do other people’s makeup and myself but also teach it because you can never stop learning new ideas. I would love my own makeup brand that fits everyone skin tone from light to dark. 
B+B: Best Advice you were given about pursuing your passion?
C: The best advice I was given was “you are your only challenge” meaning the only thing that could hold me back is ME. Which is so true. 
B+B: What would be the advice you would give to those who are pursuing their passion?
C: Follow your dreams. Which is so predictable and in these days of time doing makeup is so “predictable” but who cares, it’s not a’s what you love to do so do it! 
B+B: Have you ever thought about quitting, what stopped you from quitting?
C: This is a opposite question meaning as in I thought about quitting my day job or dropping out of college to just do makeup but I was like no chill, you have monthly bills lol. Honestly it has I never cross my mind to quit doing makeup.
B+B:What keeps you going on tough days?
C:YouTube. You never realize how big the makeup industry is until you get into YouTube. I usually put sweats on with a pint of ice cream and watch YouTube makeup videos/vlogs all day. 
B+B: Favorite Brand of make up and why?
C: Honestly I can’t put a favorite on a brand but I can on their products. There is so much makeup that being a black woman in this industry is hard because their is not a brand that has everything for darker skin tones. 
That is how Tina is making up her own life.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed her interview and session as much as we did! 

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