Here, I will give my opinion about tech- I know half the time you will probably reject it, but I will do my best to give what I think is the best options, for any tech topic. 
Tuesday Tech Tip 11/21/17:
(for editing media)
It has been my personal experience that unless you have the money to spend on the computer your needs require your experience will be very frustrating either way whether Windows or Mac. 
Reason being, if you buy a windows for a cheaper price, but with the same hardware as a mac it won't cut it. This is because Windows has so many devices/hardware to support. With so many devices every manufacturer has to create whats called a "driver" this makes it so windows can comunnicate with the hardware they created. That then increases a chance that your computer will have problems.  You can buy the same exact computer hardware as Apple's devices, and have more issues because of  Microsoft's operating software.
For example, I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 its problem, is not hardware; ( 1tb SSD, i5, and 32gb of ram ).  The problem is with the drivers, that Dell created to work with their hardware and Windows. It cause issues with the internet connection and also disrupts the USB' ports, that you use for flash drives, from working.
On the other hand Apple only has their hardware to worry about and they can make it run super smooth without a lot of issues, as I've seen so far using mac, and if they do can get updates out quicker because of the hardware.
When it comes to Photography editing I have used both and have seen both work, I'm mainly just saying that Microsoft Windows needs to figure out a better way of preparing their software for all OEM computer manufacturers, It would smooth out the problems that pop up.
You would be hard pressed to ever get a Windows computer that is cheaper than a Mac that performs as good.
Now, everyone is different and everyone has different experiences which effect their opinions.
If you have had a different experience and or questions please fill out the form below, we would love to learn outside of our circle of experiences.
Till next time!
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