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Bantering thoughts and opinions soundboard here; there are bountiful and bold adventure-filled memories, too; along with food and doggos. Welcome to our personal blog.

Buzzin Bee: Traveling while Grieving is Growth.
"Life doesn't stop for you, Life is going to keep going whether you like it or not... what are you going to do about it?" ~ Pat, "Grams." How traveling during a grief period, drilled in lessons from a wise woman, and allowed me to finally hear her.
A Tale as Old as Time: Modeling Experience
Yes, even though Belle and Beast did not accompany us on this journey from Montrose to Denver, CO we still had to pay tribute to the big ol' fur babies. A year later we revisit or experiences and memories about being on the opposite side of the camera.... never knew we'd be models. It’s 2018, tides were turning and if you are already uncomfortable, you might as well keep choosing things that make you uncomfortable. For us, that was adding modeling to the already adventure-filled year. What we learned and experienced, easily went down as a favorite highlight of 2018. The whole experience in Denver started because of us, and it taught us that together we can overcome all the fears and insecurities. Which you know, is how 2018 ended, so prelude? Foreshadow? Or Pattern? Here is to 2018, and all the lessons we learned along the way. Dear Denver, thanks for the memories even some of them were chilled and windy and lost in the streets filled with human feces on the way to the clocktower that always brings a smile to our faces. Sincerely, the Traveling and Vintage B’s, buzz buzz on and read this beloved memory!
B+B Banter: Why Valentine's Day IS NOT celebrated here.
Oh, hold on to your seats, sass is ahead. Each year we are asked or it is stated: "Oh I bet you guys have the sweetest Valentine's plans", and "Oh what are the sweet B's planning for their lovely Valentine's Day?" We love you, we do. But we are kicking Cupid off the air waves, and taking back the "love"- which BIG SURPRISE, is NOT a huge teddy bear with roses and chocolates. In fact it is something you can not see. Ever heard of love languages?
B+B Banter: 2019 Interview, Ben+Becca
"... you're like a babbling bumbling band of baboons! " It's been awhile since we sat down and interviewed ourselves, so what better time to do so than in a month that was originally filled with questions. Now to the scene: we sit with piano music playing, a plate of crackers and cheese slices, two wine glasses, and two humans attempting to figure out how to interview themselves.
As The Year Closes Out, We Must Remember
Our lessons from 2017, and advice we were given and are giving.
Lions Talk Tech
Ben here, from time to time I will write a tech inspired article solely based off what I have learned from experience.
3 Adventures, 2 People, 1 Day
B+B was invited to join a pre-planned adventure: this is what happens when you say yes to life.
Ice Lake Hike
Montrose Colorado,  a hub for a bunch of amazing mountain towns and hiking trails  an 1 hour, or so away.  One trail,  in particular that a group of us, did recently,   was Ice Lake Basin;  a long 12 mile stunning hike that gives way to an amazing set of waterfalls  and some beautiful lakes.
Welcome to Us.
We are wanderers, husband and wife team and fur parents. We are a photographer and cinematographer team. We are a morning cup of coffee, drinkers. We are a nightly cup of tea, drinkers. Sound cool yet? No? He is from the mountains. She is from sea level. Mountain man and mermaid? How did that happen? Maybe you should read this.
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