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Welcome to Art, redefined. 
As you can see, we do more than just hit a button. 

We're buzzing bees in this beehive of a passion!  

The survey you are about to fill out, 
along with the client interview questions 
we will send after capturing 
your Lover's Tale Session  
will allow us to get to know you!

You’ve read our blog and have already acquainted yourself with fellow beehive members! 
It is time for you to join!

So our future bees will get to know you! 

Share your sweet self 
and bits of your 
loving sweetheart of honey, 
down below!
Sent with Honey
First off, thank you! 
We’re honored you took time to learn about us 
and then let us learn about you! 

We can't wait to hear more and finally...

Welcome to the B+B beehive
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