Scene: Husband and wife, sit with their wine glasses and post dinner cheese and crackers, stewing over what to discuss- it is so much easier to interview others, than it was themselves.
Becca: Title?
Ben: *reviewing last blog post* "Back into the swing of things?"
Becca: Maybe, I'll write it down.
Ben: "Teatime?"
Becca: Eh, I'll write it down as an option, it just isn't clicking.
Ben: *Continues to scroll through last blog post*
Becca: Thoughts over blog? *she sips wine and jots down thoughts over titles*
Ben: Well *sips wine* I am trying to get to the end of it, to see how we left things.
Becca: *nods in agreement to give time to read, and looks out opened window*
Ben: Damn, that ending though. Let me know when you are done writing down stuff.
Becca: Done.
Ben: What would you do if your world was melting around you? What are your thoughts on this?
Becca: *scrolls through facebook, pondering the possibilities*
Ben: *finishes his wine*
Becca: Wait was that a question question or rhetorical? Did you want me to answer aloud?
Ben: Yes, question question now please answer.
Becca: *sighs* Is this all the wine ?
Ben: YES.

Becca: It is a call to live a daring life, but not live dumbly. As it is quoted many times in Harry Potter, courage is not necessarily the act of doing bold things in the face of adversity, but rather the day to day difficult but manageable things. Not everyone fights a dragon, but everyone has their own bad guy that tries to get them each day. Some have an actual person, others have their minds. We also have daily choices to make our life better, and be our own hero. As quoted on "The Magicians", 'The only difference between a hero, and a dead fool is one dumb decision.' We should have bought two bottles of wine tonight! What are you thoughts on the matter?

Ben: Um well,  I have made said dumb decisions before in my life, some in our time together, so I definitely agree with both nods to references. It is always good to have a long term goal, a short term goal, and to have an idea of what you actually want in life. If you do not journal, I suggest you do, especially if you have a bad memory. Although I know everything happens for a reason, I definitely would go back and change a few things, like make sure a certain someone did not think I was gay, even if I really liked a certain bikini look, time with you is more precious and now I get more than one swimsuit look. *cheekily smiles and winks*

Becca: *smiles while eye-rolling* Who would have thought I would have married such a cheeky fellow *winks and grins.* Hey, onto the point at hand, as my Pinterest quote board reminds me, "your past does not need you, but your future does."

Ben: And this is why we stop to smell the roses, each time we finish grocery shopping, psst, I know it's your least favorite month and all, but can I buy you some flowers this month? This weather is prime time for some planting!
Becca: You want to test ya luck?
Ben: Maybe, but all we can do is look to the future after all, that is all we have.

Becca: That being said, we should probably get back to the topic at hand and move onto talking about growth this year and what that means to us.
Ben: Well that means alot with waiting, questions, and hope for a better future.
Becca: For me it is getting back to the root of photography, how to live in the art of walking and not running– we aren't NYC, we do need sleep after all.
Ben: So how about we talk more about our goals, I know one of my own is to make a video over our dogs!
Becca: What is another goal?
Ben: Learning new video editing techniques and software, to better my skills as a videographer. How about you?
Becca: I would like to say a healthy balance and boundary, between my passion and my life, really rather our lives and passions.
Ben: What is your main focus to bring to B+B this year?
Becca: The main focus would have to be getting back to the root of photography. Photography before social media, was an art form based on what you saw, what you could create in a moment– not about being trendy or keeping with the trends. It was also not about how much you could or have shoot/shot. It was about how you could create something, and how you could capture, not merely replicate an idea. I know it is a gamble, but it is one I am willing to take, to be known for unique vintage storytelling images, inspired by baroque coloring, and not just using a measly hashtag to get known. What would it be for you?
Ben: I want to undo modern rules in both photography and videography; we have all fallen into a rut as you have described but instead of rising to the challenge to be inventive we have lost sight  of the true reasons as to why we all create. To tell stories, preserve memories that otherwise would be forgotten– how about them apples?
Becca: Do you have any small areas that you want to focus on this year? 
Ben: Well truth be told, I fell short on many of my focus areas last year, and that's the first thing I want to make right this year. I plan on doing so by focusing on what I learned last year, by improving communication to better improve teamwork, and lastly get back into being a bold individual.
Becca: Well alrighty then, you came swinging for 2019 didn't ya. I'll meet you there with my own small areas of focus: focus more on what brings me peace, as well as hold myself accountable for trying new things– we have succeeded in the kitchen so far on this, but I want to look into other outlets for creativity, probably will try to get back into writing for a little bit.
Ben: Any reflection on lessons you have learned from just this year alone?
Becca: Boundaries, voice and strengthen them. They create healthiness, and this for your being to your own life first. Then what you have applied to your own mind and being, apply to your relationships. What about you?
Ben: Although stubborn at times, my wife almost always has wise insight, even if she has not lived through something herself.
Becca: Psh, pshhhhhhhh, me? Stubborn? Who do you think you are?
Ben: your sometimes equally stubborn husband.
Becca: *sips wine with a smile.*
Ben: Unfortunately,  I am not gifted with the wise part, and that is reason number 48 of why I love you.
Becca: On contraire, I do believe you can be wise so I challenge you to say three good things about yourself– because your wisdom that shines when needed, is some I cherish as well as love about you!
Ben: *laughs*
Becca: *squints*
Ben: Ah, *yawns*  well I fall asleep quickly. *chuckles*
Becca: *rolls her eyes*  What is your actual first good thing?
Ben: *chuckles* Outside of being stubborn to my wife, I learn and adapt quickly to new things.
Becca: Second thing?
Ben: I know how to play a really good adventure.
Ben: *chuckles and winks* Where's the biscuit?
Becca: *ignores banter with a flat look* Third and final good thing about yourself?
Ben: Can I phone a friend or family member?
Becca: No! 
Ben: Beastie boy, quick help me!!! *mimics Beast's noises*
Becca: Doesn't count, try again.
Ben: I give good pets and butt scratches to our fur kids.
Becca: I guess that will do, ya biscuit.
Ben: *guffaws* I was going to say, 'I know how to not be a biscuit and stop being snarky' but then the snarkiness took over.
Becca: I repeat, ya biscuit.
Ben: *snorts, and laughs*
What are some of your focus areas? What are some of your goals? What are somethings you have already learned about this year?
B+B Recap of theirs:
-stay out of your past, focus on the future
-focus on what you can make
-don't confuse courage with idiocy
-have a main focus with mini focus areas that will help with your main 
Be sure to follow our adventures as well as mundane life on our social media, and drop your questions you want to see answered below in the comment section! 
Thank you!

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