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Where their interviews read like podcasts 

accompanied by their artworks, 

painted by their love.

You might even find a How to Guide in here.

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Where our thoughts and opinions 

are formed in banter, 

our travel memories are bold and bountiful 

and there might be a dog or two here. Or a dish, or recipe. 

From other Lover's Tale of romance,  
filled with adventures and advice 
all while finding art in all of it. 

Getting lost in the details of the art of Love.

To our own refreshingly new chapters  in our Lover's Tale,
with bits of our life, opinions over everything or quick how tos.

Enjoy this adventurous couple blog, of relationship advice and Lover's Tale. 

Wandering Telluride + Ouray Colorado, Photographer + Cinematographer team.

Adventuring far and wide for your chapters of love
as well as crossing off travels on our Bucket List.
Finding vintage art in all of it.

Here are some Roadtripping tips, and a free Playlist for your next Road Trip.

Even all of
the non-perfect, 
the messy, 
the natural,
the belle of the beastly
memorable moments...​​​​​​​
All of your magical days 
are worth making art from.
Just like all the moments of our history 
are worth telling in
CO Wandering Visuals.
Wondering the steps in making honey with us? Well Art from your love?

Read about it below!
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