Every High School Jedi senior always leaves us asking so many questions and this blog reads like an interview, for the sheer task of keeping track of all the questions and answers.
B+B: Thoughts before session?
A: I was slightly nervous since I really hadn't spoken to Ben much, but I knew you guys are super nice so I wasn't too worried. I was somewhat concerned about our limited setting. Overall I had a good feeling going in though! 
B+B:Thoughts during session?
A:I had a ton of fun, I loved the conversations we had, and I had a great feelings about how the photos were gonna turn out when you showed me the back of the camera.
B+B Thoughts after?
A: Felt good, and I was happy to have spent more time with you guys!
B+B: where do you see yourself three years from now?
A: I want to be stable, happy with where I am at. I hope to become a more calm, meditated, and kind person.
B+B: During your session you mentioned becoming a massage therapist, why that route?
A: I very much want to help people and I think massage therapy is a great profession in which to do that. I love the idea of being able to soothe people and give them some respite from our crazy world.
B+B: Who has influenced your life the most?
A: One of the biggest influences on my life is my father's best friend's wife, Betina. She has always been someone who goes with the flow and is genuinely happy no matter what. She has influenced me as a person beyond belief, making me feel as though I always have someone to talk with and someone to be myself around. She has had a huge impact on the type of person I am today.
B+B: Thoughts on Society?
A: As we all know, society is a very complicated subject. As a whole, I think we all want what is good, it's just very hard for us to achieve that goal since there are more than seven bullion of us. If there was one thing, I wish I could change, it would be the amount of empathy we feel for our fellow human beings. If we were all kind and empathetic, I think many of the problems we are facing today wouldn't exist. I think we'd be in a better position to hand off the planet to our children, and they their children.
B+B: That being stated about society, what change would you like to see in your lifetime?
A: I have a nihilistic view on on the changing of the world, I believe that no matter what we do, it will be extremely hard for us to change anything. That being said, there is always hope that our kindness and compassion will continue to affect change in others. I hope that I can leave a good mark on this world, and that I can die and be satisfied with my walk.
B+B:  What act of kindness have you witnessed?
A:  I think the greatest act of kindness that I have ever experienced, is when I was told the world is not about me.  When I actually realized that, it opened the doors as to what I could with my life- that the world is not watching and the world does not care. It might sound depressing but it is really freeing.
B+B: Best advice received? 
A: I think the best advice I have received was from my sister, who passed away. Mind you she didn't  tell me this herself, but when she committed suicide she told me that there was finite amount of time to appreciate things. She told me to hold family close to your heart because one day you'll have to let them go, which is some pretty good advice if you ask me.
B+B: Any advice you would give to your future self?
A: I am pretty sure I know who my future self will be, so I think I know what he will want, so I will say to my future self, "Remember to love deeply and to get out and experience the wonders of other people"- age might make me cynical.
B+B: Finally, the advice you would give to society?
A: Space is our hope for the future, invest in it for the sake of you, your children, and their children. Stop your squabbles and keep your eyes up, and hope that one day, man will make it where he belongs.

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