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Aloha, Let’s Blog…Again.

CO Wandering Elopement Visuals here, aka B+B.

We’ll be adding more to blogs again, and work on getting content that people will want to read.

But in the meantime, here is a short tidbit of a filler.



“We are wanderers, husband and wife team, and fur parents.

We are a photographer and cinematographer team.

We are a morning cup of coffee, drinkers.

We are a nightly cup of tea, drinkers.

Sound cool yet?

He is from the mountains. She is from sea level.
Mountain man and mermaid? How did that happen?

Maybe you should read this and learn more about us,

CO Wandering Elopement Visuals.”

Mountain Backdrop, teal skies, and couple holding one another. CO Wandering Elopement Visuals


^ You have read this before, we know, but we still really liked that intro.

We just sound quirky.

We also are being honest in all of these tidbits.

We are CO Wandering Elopement Visuals.

Colorado Adventure Photographer + Cinematographer.

Serving Western Slope Colorado + beyond.

Serving Lovers art.

Serving art to Lovers.

Making today look like the legacy of yesteryear.

CO Wandering Elopement Visuals in Ridgway Colorado at Elopement view, Top of Pines

Why CO Wandering Elopements Visuals?

Truthfully, we got lost in the sea of search bars, when searching for

“Colorado Elopement Photography + Videography”

“Colorado Adventure Elopement Media Team”.


Not to mention we do not do anything simple, lowkey, or real to life.

So easy to search wording, did not fit.

We know, it’s all about branding.

But you don’t realize how much brainstorming it took to get here.

And how many hours were spent googling/researching synonyms…

Simply put the became our best friend.

Who wants to play Codenames or Scrabble??

Okay, back to the why.

Besides getting lost in a sea of search bars, we wanted something that not just fit branding…

but rolled off out of our mouths easily in a conversation.

B+B was easy but did not give imagery (Pun time, hehe) over what it represented.

It sounded corporate. Not like art.

Maybe one day we can make it sound like art.

Just not today.

We wanted something that made us not just sound quirky, different but left distinct imagery of what we represented.

In case you are wondering what we do represent, we think it best to sing this out.


“L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can”


CO Wandering Elopements Visuals



Okay but serious note, we wanted to represent love.

Not the picture-perfect (ha, pun time #2!), sale-sy love that capitalism has turned into a well-oiled and profiting machine.

But real, messy, and extraordinarily incomparable love that can be described as art.

L is for long-lasting passionate Lover’s tales.

O is for overjoyed to be together.

V is very very incomparable adventures together.

E is for extraordinary art created from one another’s love.

CO Wandering Elopement Visuals


We want to capture young love, old love, honoring anniversary kind of love, proposing more than just love, and running away together kind of love.

More on that later, but just know that not only are you extraordinary art as humans, but your Lover’s Tale is incomparable.

Go get to know us by clicking here.

CO Wandering Elopement Visuals

Aloha Lovers,

Where is your love taking us?

CO Wandering Elopement Visuals


Ben + Becca

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