Aloha from B+B

To Be extraordinary is to be incomparable.

with venturesome as well as  vintage-inspired

Love Storytellers and  Conceptual Digital Artists in 

Photography +  Cinematography,

Ben + Becca

Welcome to Art,

Crafted and redefined
Your Love.

Ben + Becca, here from

CO  Wandering Elopement Visuals,


Meet the bees

From our Love Story
 Town of Telluride

to the West Coasts of the States– 
nothing is too far away for a rapturing Lover's Tale
that beckons us to capture and tell the tale of two Lovers.

Buzzin Bees

To the Two of You

Just like the lovers
that came before us, 
we take pleasure in listening and
telling tales of all the love – 
how it has transcended through
the wisps of years. 

Tell us your Tale

Your Lover’s Tale,
your love, our muse,
creating vintage art
in vivid stills + moving frames

Colorado • Worldwide



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Your love is our Muse.
Making art a memorable experience...
That is just sweet sweet honey.

the making of our


invest in the moment

Each person is a walking book
filled with memories, 
from their shortcomings to recoveries. 

Your journey makes you extraordinary, 
which makes your tale incomparable. 

Which makes all of it exquisite art. 

Your Lover's Tale of a
Happily Ever After 
deserves to be showcased in 
incomparable artwork
and extraordinary cinemas. 

You write your Lover's Tale. 
We're just here to make it art.

the making of our


invest in the moment

Booking with B+B ensures you will receive a multi-step process 

that creates a full experience, tailored to your needs.

The secret to our success with you,  

our honey so to speak, 

 is all in our system to success!

The most important part of this process:

Your communication! 

That starts with our booking Survey!
(Which is fancy for us wanting to get to know you better)

let's do this!

creating your Venturesome Art

From your Love, buzz.

Our Booking Survey helps us get to know
To better plan an art creating 

Your Love + memorable adventure=
Extraordinary Artworks 
crafted from your love,
our muse.

Serving up Honeycomb

Serving You.

To Be Extraordinary is  To Be Incomparable.


Follow the art made of Love.